Thursday, February 26, 2009

Abby's (and Jacob's) first soccer practice

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted on here. A LOT of our free time is still going into repairing the basement, but it is coming along beautifully- slowly, but surely... I'll add pics later, but tonight's post is much more fun...
Abby had her first soccer practice tonight. We are so excited about her playing on a team and learning the great skills that come from being required to share with and depend on others. I must confess I was a little worried when we had our friend Joshua over yesterday and were playing some backyard soccer. Abby started to cry when he kicked her new pink ball and "got it dirty." We had a little pep talk last night, discussed the difference b/t toys that are meant to stay pink and beautiful (Ariel dolls for example) and toys that are supposed to get dirty (soccer balls and shin guards!) Practice went great. She had a great time and when she wasn't running and kicking, she was dancing and cheering on her teammates. You'll notice that I put Jacob's first practice in the title as well... sweet little buddy thinks he's on the team too. It's been really hard to help him understand and so tonight he wore his shin guards, carried his ball and played his little heart out. When the coach called the team to circle up, he headed out with them- I had to go get him and he and a couple of his other buddies and I had our own team!! It will surely be an interesting season!

Abby in her new pink soccer gear!

Go Abby, Go!!

Go Jacob, Go!!