Thursday, July 30, 2009

We love Mamma and Pappa!

For the Fourth of July, we went to spend a long weekend with my grandparents. If you have been following this blog for any amount of time you know how much I adore my Mamma and Pappa. They are in their eighties and we love being with them. They went on most of my family vacations growing up and I have so many memories of spending time with them. I love that my children know and love their Mamma and Pappa, too.
We headed up into the mountains for a picnic and it is becoming a running joke in our family that if we go to mountains, no matter the time of year, it will be freezing. Well, this time, July 3 was NO exception. A cold front came through and it was SOOO cold (in the low 50s cold)

Love this pic! it's also the only one of wild-man, aka Nathan, that you'll see by the water or on the rocks. He simply could not be let go of. He had no fear!! If you look closely, you'll see him shoving jay's hand away in this picture!

The kids loved climbing on the rocks! (Watch out though, they are SlIpPeRy!! by the end of our climbing, Jay and Jacob both had fallen into the freezing cold river!)

little miss long-legs!

This is the strangest creature I have ever seen. That "head" with the two eyes and "tongue" is actually its tail, and those aren't eyes or a tongue at all. We think it's some sort of adaptation to scare off prey. The head/tail bobbles like a bobble-head doll! Very interesting! We spent a long time studying this little guy!After our picnic, we spent a night together at the Wilderness of the Smokies Resort. It is the one with the indoor/outdoor water park. We had a great time and if you're in the area, it's a fun place to stay. As I mentioned before, a cold front came through and we were FrEeZiNg and there were several slides our kiddos weren't tall enough for, but overall, it was super fun!

We all slept in one room, which the kids thought was SO much fun and everyone did wonderfully!

Nathan thought he was going to get to sleep with these two. Sadly for him, he had a pack-n-play in the corner!

When we got back to Knoxville, the boys helped Pappa comb his hair. Apparently, we need to work with Mr. N on his technique... he's a little rough!

Some boy play time!! (Daddy was outside cutting their grass!)
Thanks again for hosting us, feeding us, taking us on a picnic, and just being so great! We love you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Princess Party!

Abby had a small party at home this year. We had six of her friends over and we did several crafts (no pictures of those because it took me and my mother-in-law both to keep the crafts going! These girls are some serious crafters and they were quick!!) We ate cake and opened presents! It was a great little party for her!
Abby and some friends she's known since she was a baby!
Abby and her "school" friends
Mimi, Abby and her cake

watching us light the candles!

the princess cake, compliments of Mimi!

blowing out the candles!

waiting for their cake!

She was so much fun to watch opening her presents! The facial expressions were so rewarding!!

excited girl!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Our sweet little princess! Can it really be that six short years ago today we were celebrating the birth of our first child- a beautiful little girl with a pug nose and spiky hair?What a year this one has been for you! You loved Kindergarten, excelled in your reading, played on a soccer team for the first time, went to Disney World, and learned how to ride your bike without training wheels...
Yet it's not even those things that make us most proud- it's your heart and character. Your desire to help, the way you comfort your little brothers and encourage them in their new endeavors. Your kidness and thoughtfulness.

We love you and are so proud of you and mostly, we are just glad you are our little girl!
Happy Birthday, Abby!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The birthday party!

Jacob's party was Friday morning and we had it with one of his best little buddies, Andrew. Andrew lives two doors down and these two friends love each other! Their birthdays are 10 days apart, so we did a joint party and it was fabulous!!
The birthday boys!

This is more true to life!!

Jacob's helicopter cake, made by his Mimi

blowing out the candles!

Nathan and Mimi playing inflatable basketball

Jacob LOVED this inflatable- it was baseball, where the ball was suspended in air by a stream of blowing air and you swing and hit into an inflatable "outfield"! He spent a lot of his time on this one!

batter up!

Trevor playing basketball

Joshua, Andrew's big brother

Nathan playing air hockey!

Jacob and Matthew

at the bottom of the slide

Air hockey was a big hit!

Abby and Jacob at the top of the steepest, fastest inflatable slide I have ever been on!

Andrew on the milder slide!

Abby and Taylor

Thank you friends for making Jacob and Andrew's party SO much fun!!
Liam and Anderson, we missed you and hope you feel better soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


You know that saying "the days are long, but the years are short"? It was one SHORT year ago that I took this picture of my little buddy. Look at those chubby cheeks and hands, that sweet baby face... He had just turned 3. Today, he is four.Look at him now!

slim, taller, gone is that chubby baby face. I can hardly look at these precious pictures without tearing up. FOUR?

We were standing together this morning after a rousing version of happy birthday, and I asked him if he would just stay three for one more year. Please? " Mommy, I can't stay free, I very have to turn four..."

He loves to dress up- fireman, handy manny, spiderman, and pirates are his favorites!

he is the cutest, nasty ole pirate you'll ever meet!

Still loves balls, but has a special fondness for baseball. Loves to ride his bike, do puzzles, and play with any type of rescue vehicle. Still a precious and fun little boy, but quickly turning into a tougher, rougher boy!

He will start K-4 in a month. I'm sure he will love it. His little brother and I will miss him dearly. He is the best brother I know, to both his big sister and his wild little brother.
Happy birthday, Jacob. You are loved more than you could ever know. Can't wait to see what the Lord has for you this year.
Lord, help me to remember on those long days how quickly these years go by.