Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet Handy Manny...

Introducing our resident handy man. He's being mentored by the best (his daddy, whom he LOVES to help). He's a hard worker, creative, has his own tools, and is just plain cute!
he was "fixing" our stairs
serious work going on here
this job required a ladder
Mr. Big Stuff himself
The two handy-men: Jay w/ a weedeater, his mini-me with my vacuum cleaner attachment. They did some beautiful yardwork!!

More first birthday!

12 months old!
1 year old! Listen to this vocabulary- duck, quack, cracker, mama, dada, jacob, uh-oh, hot, light
not a particularly flattering picture, but check out those teeth. As rough as the teething has been, they deserve a spot on the blog!

Here are some more pictures from Nathan's first birthday. We celebrated this weekend with Jay's parents! Mimi made Nathan an adorable giraffe cake. We went the eggless route b/c we think he may have an egg allergy and I have a great recipe for an eggless cake if you ever need it! He LOVED his cake and put on quite a show while eating it!

his giraffe cake before!
and after...
digging in to that first taste of yuminess!
he just can't get enough of that!
Happy birthday sweet baby

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Free Chick Fil A

I just found out that Chick Fil A is doing a giveaway to promote their "new" chicken strips. Wednesday, August 13- Friday, August 15 from 5-8pm. You can receive 3 free strips per person. I believe that all the Birmingham locations are participating (not sure about other cities or states)

Happy eating!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The big first day!!

She had a great first day! She woke up easily this morning and was excited to go! Jay walked her in and said she went right up to her teacher and gave her a big hug and then sat down to start coloring! Her two favorite parts of the day were going to the library and seeing her best buddy Joshua on the playground (they're in different classes but are going to have recess together!) As for her mommy, I only cried in the garage for a few minutes after she left and I was VERY glad to see a smile on her face when she came out in carpool! dressed and ready to go!
getting ready to go in daddy's big truck (such a treat to ride w/ him every morning!)
the kindergartener and the birthday boy! (other brother was still asleep!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nathan!!

August 14, 2007
still one of my all time favorites! Not posed, just pure love caught in action!
I have a picture of all 3 in this costume!

1st time in a swing

he loves his toes, I love those eyes
the new big boy carseat- still a lightweight and has to be rear facing, but for him, all the action is behind him!!

The birthday party/cake is coming next weekend when we travel to Mimi and Gramps' house. More b'day pictures to come!!

Meet the teacher

We went yesterday to meet Miss A's teacher. It was a quick little meeting where she got to see her classroom and meet her new friends and her teacher. She's excited and ready to go!!daddy's little girl
for those of you who know her, you know that being a hippo on the door made her day!!!
Tomorrow is her first day!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sprinkler Fun is having a summer fun photo contest, and this is my entry!
I love this picture of them! Eating popsicles and playing in the sprinkler ( it was fairly cool this evening and apparently the water was cold!) Those expressions are priceless.