Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall fun!!

On Monday I went with Abby's class to Old Baker's Farm. We rode out to the pumpkin patch, picked cotton, saw some new baby animals, ate lunch in the barn, and played in the hay maze. It was a great field trip!
Abby's 1st grade class
feeding a baby cow a bottle

some of her friends! (both of these little girls were in her class last year, too!)

Abby and Joshua
Abby and some of her sweet friends on the tractor ride...

Abby in the barn where we ate lunch

Monday also happened to be my birthday so that night we went to dinner and came home to celebrate! Jay and the kids made me a cake!

can you tell who was most excited about the cake?

Wednesday, Jacob had a fairy tale parade for K4. (we didn't have any costumes that were necessarily fairy tale, so he went as a football player!!)

Jacob and Andrew parading...

Jacob's class

Love all these fall activities. Still to come this week- a birthday party at the pumpkin patch and trick or treating!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


My friend, Becky, over at Blue Hutch is doing a giveaway of the Jesus Storybook Bible. If you don't have this, you need to visit her blog and add your name to the entry (all you need to do is leave a comment). It takes all of the Old Testament stories and shows how they relate to Jesus and His coming. They are so beautifully written that I often choke up and cry as I'm reading them to my kids. I HIGHLY recommend this Bible for your family devotions!! Good luck!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Botanical Gardens

It has rained here a lot lately and we've been going a little stir-crazy! We finally had a pretty morning last week one day so I took the boys over to the Botanical Gardens. They had a great time running along the paths and over the bridges. I didn't get a lot of pictures because they were so glad to be outside they didn't stand still for very long, but here are a few sweet ones I did capture...
Jacob crossing the natural rock bridge. I had to be quick b/c Nathan was up next and he's not so trustworthy!
brothers on the bridge...

Jacob checking out the massive goldfish in the Japanese pond!

we also saw some huge turtles swimming around and sunning on the rocks!

he does smile!!

we'll have to go back when it's not so wet and take Miss A with us!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Super Dad!!

This year's super dad award most definitely goes to my sweet husband!! He kept our 3 precious little ones for 4 days last week/weekend so I could get away to the beach with 5 of my dear friends! I won't bore you with the details of our perfect weather, massages, sleeping in late, nice dinners out, etc... Instead, I'll show you some precious pictures superdad took while he was holding down the fort! He was certainly an all-star juggling carpools, and dr. appts, fixing lunches and abby's hair, and he even took them to the zoo and to samford to explore!!
definitely one of the #1 reasons he's superdad is because he took my 3 little ones in to feed the lorikeets at the zoo. I always pick up the pace around this exhibit b/c I CANNOT stand to have those birds crawling around on me!!
apparently Abby loves to have 3 birds all over her!

Jacob, not so sure!

on the zoo train!

next stop, Samford for lunch in the food court and the largest icees I've ever seen!

Thank you for being such an all-star and letting me get away! Thanks to Mimi who also helped out for a couple of days!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rodeo Roundup

Jacob's class studied the letter R last week and in typical "rowdy rat" fashion, they had their annual rodeo roundup last Friday! All the kids come dressed as cowboys/girls and they played games and ate cowboy food (hot dogs and marshmallows, of course!)
Jacob was very excited to get to go to school dressed up! Here are a couple of my favorite pics of him!

Abby participated in the rodeo roundup when she was in K4 as well, and since it was before the days of the blog, I decided to throw one of her pics in!