Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall fun!!

On Monday I went with Abby's class to Old Baker's Farm. We rode out to the pumpkin patch, picked cotton, saw some new baby animals, ate lunch in the barn, and played in the hay maze. It was a great field trip!
Abby's 1st grade class
feeding a baby cow a bottle

some of her friends! (both of these little girls were in her class last year, too!)

Abby and Joshua
Abby and some of her sweet friends on the tractor ride...

Abby in the barn where we ate lunch

Monday also happened to be my birthday so that night we went to dinner and came home to celebrate! Jay and the kids made me a cake!

can you tell who was most excited about the cake?

Wednesday, Jacob had a fairy tale parade for K4. (we didn't have any costumes that were necessarily fairy tale, so he went as a football player!!)

Jacob and Andrew parading...

Jacob's class

Love all these fall activities. Still to come this week- a birthday party at the pumpkin patch and trick or treating!!!


Summer said...

you're on top of things! all the pics are great!! hope you had a great birthday!!!

The Baughers said...

Fun times! Abby looks so sweet in all those pics at the farm. Sounds like you had a fun birthday with your family and some yummy cake too! Look forward to seeing more pics...i love this time of year!!

Amanda said...

Tell Jay I'm impressed w/ his baking abilities! I like Abby's pumpkin shirt too...were you able to get the Monag shirts in time for what you wanted?

Mandy Hartley said...