Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin carving!!!

Abby's favorite part of Halloween is carving the pumpkin. This year we were planning to go to the pumpkin patch as a family on Halloween morning to select our big pumpkin. The plan was to carve it that afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather was freezing and rainy so we didn't make it to the patch. Jay and Abby set out to find the perfect pumpkin elsewhere (aka Walmart). They searched high and low for over an hour at 5 different places- everywhere was totally out of pumpkins. They finally found a pumpkin at a specialty market and it happened to be a beautiful white pumpkin!! let the carving begin...

cleaning out the inside

more cleaning and lots of conversation about how the pumpkin is a lot like us on the inside- yucky and in need of being cleaned out!!

the finished rabbit, I mean pumpkin!!

I think because it's white and has those BIG teeth it looks so much like a rabbit!! The kids were thrilled with it!


The Baughers said...

Great "rabbit"!! I think Jay has to be an expert carver. I love the white pumpkin-glad you found one! :)

BKicklighter said...

Love it. Love the pumpkin as a teaching tool. Love that you went to five places. Love the end product and LOVE the smiles on your kids' faces!!! They had a ball!!

How cold is freezing there???

Summer said...

that last picture is perfect!!! total framer!!!