Wednesday, December 28, 2011

pumpkin patch and trick or treating!

I LOVE the pumpkin patch!  It is one of my favorite things we do together as a family!  This year, we had a beautiful, sunny, HOT day at the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch!

 We always let our kids choose one "extra" thing to do at the patch and this year all 3 chose to ride the ponies.  It was the most expensive 3 minutes of parenting we've ever had!  $15 dollars for the 3 of them to ride in a circle of 3 minutes!  BUT, they loved it...

looking for the perfect pumpkins in the patch!

Her pumpkin was bigger than she was!

 Dressed and ready to go trick or treating!!  A Knight, Spiderman, and a Cowgirl!

 we trick or treated with some friends this year- lots of fun costumes!!
 you can tell from this picture which one of us is the "fun" mommy!!
 The girl table!

 checking out our loot!! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Days of School!!

Abby started 3rd grade this year!!
Abby's first day of school.
 Jacob started Kindergarten!  Jacob's first day of Kindergarten.
 Together on Jacob's first day!!
 Loading up- such a treat to get to ride with Daddy every day!

September trip to Cade's Cove!

We went to visit my grandparents in Knoxville and spent one day playing around at Cade's Cove and in Gatlinburg!  We had a great time.  We used to do this when I was a little girl and it is so much fun to get to take my kids to do it with my grandparents.  They love exploring the mountains and playing in that icy water!
Of course we started the day with a picnic-KFC style!
 Mamma and Pappa Carr!  We love these two!
 that water is freezing...!


 Trying to warm up with a little silly dance!!
 Mamma and Pappa relaxing and staying far far away from that icy water!
 Jay and the kids built a dam- they are committed too! Did I mention that the water is absolutely freezing?!!
Check out my mountain warriors!
 On our way up to Cade's Cove we spotted some Monster Trucks, so on the way back home we stopped to get a closer look!  This is Big Jim!
 Nathan was amazed at how big they are in person!

We also stopped and rode go-karts for the first time, but I didn't get any pictures because I was driving one of the the go-karts!!

Nathan's Birthday!

Nathan turned 4 on August 13 (I'm not really sure how that's even possible that my baby is 4 but...)  He wanted to go to Build A Bear!
Here are the 3 zookeepers with their chosen animals!

 Daddy and the birthday boy!  (he was super easy to please- we offered to let him get an outfit or accessory to go with Brownie the Koala, but he opted out- just wanted Brownie!!)
 He was in no mood for family pictures either, apparently, but just to prove that we were all there!

 His cupcake request was Strawberry cupcakes with umbrellas in them (I have no idea why the umbrellas, but it was easy enough to comply with!)
 We are singing to him here- he got so tickled!
 blowing out his candles!
Nathan has grown up so much in the past year.  He is a rough and tough little boy, but the Lord is really developing a  more tender heart in him, which if you have followed this blog for any time at all, you know this is something we have prayed for.  He still ADORES his big brother and wants to do everything he does.  He is also pretty creative and likes to draw, paint, and color.  He is still a huge fan of tractors, airplanes, and monster trucks and loves to build with trio blocks and lincoln logs.  He loves to play Memory and do puzzles!  Happy Birthday, Nathan James- you are a gift and we adore you!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nana and Pappa at the beach!

One of the days while we were in Pensacola, Nana and Pappa drove over and spent the day with us!  We had a great time playing with them at the pool!

 Abby, Nathan and Nana played on our boogie board!

 And Pappa threw Jacob until his arms gave out!

We loved having them come spend the day with us!!