Wednesday, December 28, 2011

pumpkin patch and trick or treating!

I LOVE the pumpkin patch!  It is one of my favorite things we do together as a family!  This year, we had a beautiful, sunny, HOT day at the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch!

 We always let our kids choose one "extra" thing to do at the patch and this year all 3 chose to ride the ponies.  It was the most expensive 3 minutes of parenting we've ever had!  $15 dollars for the 3 of them to ride in a circle of 3 minutes!  BUT, they loved it...

looking for the perfect pumpkins in the patch!

Her pumpkin was bigger than she was!

 Dressed and ready to go trick or treating!!  A Knight, Spiderman, and a Cowgirl!

 we trick or treated with some friends this year- lots of fun costumes!!
 you can tell from this picture which one of us is the "fun" mommy!!
 The girl table!

 checking out our loot!! 

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