Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jacob turns 6!

My sweet buddy, Jacob!!  It was almost harder for me that he turned 6 this year than it was that Abby turned 8.  He is so quickly becoming a "big boy" and it is a little sad for this Mommy's heart.  (I know the ultimate goal of parenting is to train and equip and send them out, but sometimes as a mom that is very difficult to think about!!)  Jacob is such a precious little boy!  He loves all things sports- mountain biking, soccer, football, and baseball!  He is also very creative and enjoys drawing, coloring, painting, etc.  He, like most boys his age, is also very interested in legos.  Jacob also loves to stay at home (this is one way we know for sure that he is his father's child!) 

This year was not a "party year" for Jacob, but we did get to spend part of his birthday with some of his favorite friends.  We met for breakfast at Waffle House and then ventured over to the park to ride bikes, play in the creek and enjoy cupcakes.  For my low-key, stay at home guy, this was the PERFECT way to spend his birthday.

In true Jacob form, we offered to take him out for dinner that night, but he wanted to stay home, so he got to plan the menu!  We grilled steak, and had mac-n-cheese and black eyed peas!  All chosen by the birthday boy!

Happy birthday, Jacob!  We love you and look forward to seeing all that the Lord has in store for you this year!

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