Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ballet Recital The Spirit of America!

This past weekend we had A's ballet recital! The theme was The Spirit of America, and her class was American School Girls.
pretty ballerina
look at those pretty pointed toes!

ballerina friends: Firecracker, American School Girl, and a Colonial Dame

posing in front of the props!

Charlie's Angels or ballerinas?

Nana, Abby, and Mimi

Abby, Mommy, and Daddy
Nana, Pappa, and Abby

Mimi and Abby

receiving her flowers after the performance!
Abby and Daddy and all her pretty flowers!

Sand Pudding

Abby got to take a treat to school for the culmination of her ocean unit. The theme was beach day! SO... instead of dirt pudding (you know, crushed oreos, chocolate pudding, gummy worms, etc.) we made sand pudding! She had a blast and her classmates loved it!
Here's what you need: for approx. 10 individual cups (i had to double for her class!)
1 box nilla wafers, 1 3oz vanilla pudding, 1 8oz cool whip, small plastic cups, gummy ocean life ( I used publix brand sharks!) and garnishing umbrellas
Crush the nilla wafers into sand in your food processor (or w/ a rolling pin in a baggie!)
make the pudding and mix with cool whip. Add half of the nilla wafer sand to your pudding mixture, keep the rest for layering. Layer as follows: tablespoon of sand, pudding mixture to fill cup about 2/3 way, then sprinkle with sand.

We ran out of nilla wafer sand, so I topped ours off with graham cracker crumbs and then laid the gummy sharks on top of that- you could bury they in the sand if you want! Add colorful paper umbrellas!

Voila!! Simple, cute, and tasty!! Sand Pudding!

I originally was going to make this in a new beach bucket and carry it into her class that way. I was going to serve it w/ a sand shovel! However, she really wanted the paper umbrellas and I couldn't figure out a way to make that work, plus I would have had to buy bowls, etc. This way was easier for what she needed, but either would be adorable!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jackson Trip

Last week I took the kids and we went to Jackson, where I grew up, to have a mini-reunion with my best friends from high school. There were 5 of us who got together (we missed our bff Nichole-she and her kiddos were sick!) Between the 5 of us, there are 12 kids 6 and under and 3 more on the way!! It was SO much fun and a little chaotic and in all the craziness, we didn't get a picture of the 5 friends. I did get some great ones of my crew and their new friends though...
Little Nathan and his BIG personality!! I feel like this picture captures so much of him- I may blow it up to an 8x10 and put it on his wall!!
Potato Sack Race (or pillow cases!!) at Sophia's birthday party!
On Your Mark... Get Set...
Abby, Sarah, Sadie, and Anna Grace

Two down, two still hopping!!
sweet smile!

One of Abby's favorite parts of the trip was this backyard swing! Miss Anna pushed her way higher than mommy ever would have and it was SOOO much fun!!
Four fast friends. Sadie, Abby, Bella Ward, and Sarah
An old-fashioned tricycle...
Our last day there, we spent the morning at the Jackson Zoo. The elephants were the highlight because they came up so close to where we were standing!

Up-close elephants!

Abby and Jacob were mesmerized by this albino peacock. He was strutting around the picnic area and they were fascinated by him!!

Albino peacock- have you ever seen one before?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We started our Easter season out with Abby's Kindergarten musical, The Three Trees. I told her music teacher that I now lovingly refer to it as The Three Buckets of Tears musical. It is such a sweet story and even sweeter when being sung by our favorite kindergarteners!

Abby and Ms. Candler (her K teacher!)

Abby and Emma Grace after 3 Trees

of course Mimi and Gramps were there to see their little tree!

I was encouraged by my friend Becky to help my children anticipate Easter. We have always done and loved the Resurrection Eggs, but this year we made a countdown to Easter and I tried to do something with them each day to help them understand and be excited about Easter Sunday. We did crafts, looked at pictures, learned hymns and songs, and read lots of Bible verses.

we decorated crosses with glitter and jewels and talked about John 3:16 and how God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die on the cross

we went to our annual egg hunt (which for our family was a nightmare- too much in one day, but before the tears, I got a few pics!) Nathan and Jay hunting eggs!

Spain Park at the egg hunt

April 12, 2009

Mr. Brown Eyes

playing peek a boo with Nathan!

Jacob being most cooperative

Abby in her pretty white dress

The three with a hint of a smile on each face!!

Easter Sunday friends! Each year we have some of our friends over who don't have family in town either. We have really grown in number, but also in our love for this special day with our friends
standing: Jacob, Liam, John Douglas, Jackson
sitting: Gianna, Ellie, Noah, Abby, Virginia, Sabrina
(Nathan opted out of this photo shoot)
Easter 2006 (stroll down memory lane!) The 2nd year we had our friends over, but the first digital pic I have of it!
Virginia, John Douglas, Ellie, Abby, Jacob, & Liam!!

Happy Easter from the Byrds! May this year be one that we all grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus and be abundantly grateful for His sacrifice for us on the cross.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just Playin

I took these pics of Abby shortly after I got my new camera (thanks, Jay- it is the best anniversary gift yet!) I was playing with some of the settings and love some of these shots of Abby!

I make no claims to be a great photographer, I just love having a camera that has no delay so I don't get so frustrated when I miss a great shot!!