Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sand Pudding

Abby got to take a treat to school for the culmination of her ocean unit. The theme was beach day! SO... instead of dirt pudding (you know, crushed oreos, chocolate pudding, gummy worms, etc.) we made sand pudding! She had a blast and her classmates loved it!
Here's what you need: for approx. 10 individual cups (i had to double for her class!)
1 box nilla wafers, 1 3oz vanilla pudding, 1 8oz cool whip, small plastic cups, gummy ocean life ( I used publix brand sharks!) and garnishing umbrellas
Crush the nilla wafers into sand in your food processor (or w/ a rolling pin in a baggie!)
make the pudding and mix with cool whip. Add half of the nilla wafer sand to your pudding mixture, keep the rest for layering. Layer as follows: tablespoon of sand, pudding mixture to fill cup about 2/3 way, then sprinkle with sand.

We ran out of nilla wafer sand, so I topped ours off with graham cracker crumbs and then laid the gummy sharks on top of that- you could bury they in the sand if you want! Add colorful paper umbrellas!

Voila!! Simple, cute, and tasty!! Sand Pudding!

I originally was going to make this in a new beach bucket and carry it into her class that way. I was going to serve it w/ a sand shovel! However, she really wanted the paper umbrellas and I couldn't figure out a way to make that work, plus I would have had to buy bowls, etc. This way was easier for what she needed, but either would be adorable!


The Baugher's 3 said...

so cute!! you always do the best class treats!

Summer said...

SO impressed--these look adorable!!!