Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ballet Recital The Spirit of America!

This past weekend we had A's ballet recital! The theme was The Spirit of America, and her class was American School Girls.
pretty ballerina
look at those pretty pointed toes!

ballerina friends: Firecracker, American School Girl, and a Colonial Dame

posing in front of the props!

Charlie's Angels or ballerinas?

Nana, Abby, and Mimi

Abby, Mommy, and Daddy
Nana, Pappa, and Abby

Mimi and Abby

receiving her flowers after the performance!
Abby and Daddy and all her pretty flowers!


The Baugher's 3 said...

oh my goodness...great pics...what fun!! she's growing up way too fast!

th77hunter said...

She looks so beautiful all dressed up like a ballerina! I love her expression as she is getting her flowers:)

Summer said...

What a big girl!!! She looks so beautiful--just like a princess!! How fun!!!!