Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The big first day!!

She had a great first day! She woke up easily this morning and was excited to go! Jay walked her in and said she went right up to her teacher and gave her a big hug and then sat down to start coloring! Her two favorite parts of the day were going to the library and seeing her best buddy Joshua on the playground (they're in different classes but are going to have recess together!) As for her mommy, I only cried in the garage for a few minutes after she left and I was VERY glad to see a smile on her face when she came out in carpool! dressed and ready to go!
getting ready to go in daddy's big truck (such a treat to ride w/ him every morning!)
the kindergartener and the birthday boy! (other brother was still asleep!)


jessica said...

What an exciting day! I even teared up reading this.

Amanda said...

I CANNOT believe she is old enough for "real" school. Craziness. She looks all grown up in her first day of school outfit and backpack (both adorable, btw).