Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bob Marley and the big boy!

I let my sweet little girl go with some friends to the zoo earlier this week. While they were there they played in the new bubble/foam area in the children's section. Apparently my daughter decided to style her hair with the bubble foam and came out with quite a new hair do! Bob Marley was the best description we could come up with!
it only took 2 shampoos, and 3 rounds of conditioner to get those dreadlocks out!!

I also took the boys this morning and had Nathan's first official trim. Jay loves it, I think he looks too old. And so goes the story for all first haircuts!!

we can see his ears now!

the mullet is gone from the back!!


Summer said...

hysterical!! that has shanna's name written all over it!

th77hunter said...

Love both the hair-dos! I love being able to see their little necks!

The Baugher's 3 said...

Too funny!!! I'm surprised it only took 2 shampoos! And I like N's haircut...don't worry, he's still got a sweet baby face!:)

katie said...

love it! i think she should start school like that this year!! no one would forget her.
(actually she would fit in well here!)

BKicklighter said...

N has a sparkle in his eye that makes me like him!! I would LOVE to see him and KB in a room together. . . especially if they thought no one was watching!