Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miss Abigail

If something stands tall and still, chances are she will swing on it, climb it or hang upside down from it! Princess of the monkey bars- it is one of her FAVORITE things to do! This particular day, it was a tree in our backyard. Nevermind that she's wearing a pretty dress from Nana- she's still a monkey in a tree!!


th77hunter said...

From what I hear she takes after her mom:) I love the brother entry...I'm all about those sweet little buddy brothers!

The Baugher's 3 said...

Great pictures of Abby...I think it's awesome that she's a monkey! Also loved the entry about J and N...very sweet...and impressed N is riding a big wheel!!

Summer said...

next time i come to your house those pics better be in a frame--i mean it--so adorable!!!!!