Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It has been such a privilege and so exciting to watch the "friendship" grow b/t our boys. As Nathan gets older, his adoration of Jacob increases daily. He follows him around trying to keep up, calls for him repeatedly, "GEEE-COB!!" and points out every jeep, bus, and firetruck in the vicinity! Jacob patiently answers, "what Nafan?" and cheerfully includes him, invites him to play cars and trucks or dig in the sandbox. I pray often for the depth in their relationship- that they would be fast friends, sharpening (as iron sharpens iron) and truly love one another with an everlasting love.
We have had some extra boy time this summer while Abby has been bouncing from one adventure to the next (VBS, art camp, birthday parties, etc.)
nothing like some dirt and rocks for little boys!

playing at the water table with Nathan is a guaranteed bath- he thinks it's hysterical to throw the water!

cracking up at all the splashing!!

Nathan learned early how to ride the big-wheel b/c he wants to be out on the street when Jacob is bike riding!


Summer said...

love, love, love those boys!!! such a sweet relationship and i love seeing it develop!!

BKicklighter said...

love, love, love this post. LOVE seeing your boys together. What a joy to you!