Monday, July 13, 2009

The birthday party!

Jacob's party was Friday morning and we had it with one of his best little buddies, Andrew. Andrew lives two doors down and these two friends love each other! Their birthdays are 10 days apart, so we did a joint party and it was fabulous!!
The birthday boys!

This is more true to life!!

Jacob's helicopter cake, made by his Mimi

blowing out the candles!

Nathan and Mimi playing inflatable basketball

Jacob LOVED this inflatable- it was baseball, where the ball was suspended in air by a stream of blowing air and you swing and hit into an inflatable "outfield"! He spent a lot of his time on this one!

batter up!

Trevor playing basketball

Joshua, Andrew's big brother

Nathan playing air hockey!

Jacob and Matthew

at the bottom of the slide

Air hockey was a big hit!

Abby and Jacob at the top of the steepest, fastest inflatable slide I have ever been on!

Andrew on the milder slide!

Abby and Taylor

Thank you friends for making Jacob and Andrew's party SO much fun!!
Liam and Anderson, we missed you and hope you feel better soon!

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BKicklighter said...

I love to see what your kids are wearing. Don't get me wrong - I crave the information too - but I get a kick out of the other. WHERE did Jacob's "J" shirt come from???