Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I can just barely remember what our family was like before you became a part of it. Those big eyes and sweet smiles... You are growing so quickly and I wish sometimes I could hit a pause button and keep you at this stage a while longer. You have changed so much in just the past month. For so long, you only had eyes for mommy, but now you simply adore your daddy. When he walks in you begin calling his name in that sweet sing-song voice and you pop those little arms up for him to hold you. The two of you love to give each other fives and play your "coughing" game. You are standing up on anything that stands still and you are crawling almost fast enough to keep up with A and J. You still only weigh 16lbs 3 ounces but what you lack in weight you have made up for in opinion!! You don't eat anything from a spoon, you love it as long as you feed it to yourself. Two weeks ago you threw your paci down and haven't picked it up since! You hate the vacuum cleaner, having your diaper changed, and being on your back (b/c you still can't roll onto your tummy from your back!) We love you and thank the Lord for the past 10 months... what a sweet gift you are.so proud- standing in your crib!

The first time you sat in the grass- not so sure about that!!
you love to be outside

looking for birds!


Allison said...

GIRL! hoe could you have a blog and not tell me! I'm so hurt:)
Family looks great. Nathan is such a cutie!

Allison said...

Sorry, Al. our computer recently crashed and I lost all of my email addresses. I just told everyone yesterday via email, so you're really not behind. Still friends?

summer said...

i'm getting teary just looking at these...he's so absolutely adorable and i can't believe he's 10 months old!!