Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Fun!!!

The annual gingerbread house!!Nathan's first time to participate- he ate more than he decorated!!

ta da....

Making Christmas cookies! (we did not include Mr. N on this activity- he was napping!)

We tried to take advantage of the holidays to have some different families over and enjoy time together w/out the craziness of a school schedule. We forgot to take a lot of pictures of our sweet friends, but we did get one this night- they were playing so sweetly together!

Collier, who is your wildest, craziest friend?

After the Christmas Eve Service
Merry Christmas!


th77hunter said...

What great memories...everyone has such great smiles in all the pictures. Look at that last one-wow!
And the special effects from my camera are actually effects thanks to iphoto on Todd's Apple laptop. He can do some really cool things with it.

summer said...

that pic of the 3 of them together is perfect!!!! and so cute of n and c...great caption btw!!!

Meagher Family said...

they are tooo cute! Love the Christmas outfits..what a great mommy doing all those fun things with your kiddos!