Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow much fun!!!

We had a great time playing in the snow! Our front yard had more in it than it's ever had before.
Abby's first time to make a snow angel!!
Jacob, Jay, and Abby (they must have called a truce from their snowball fights long enough for this picture!)

Abby, Mommy, and Jacob (Nathan slept through most of the fun!)

you'll notice Jacob has on several different outfits- he would get so cold, we'd run in and change, drink hot chocolate, and come back out. By the end, we had no more coats!!

They always build a snowman together!

We had some serious snowball fights!!!

they had so much fun chasing each other and throwing snowballs!

we ran down to ambush our favorite neighbors
Abby and Joshua
he definitely hit her with that snowball as soon as the picture was taken!

Jay and Brian v. Joshua, Abby, Jacob, and Andrew


The Baughers said...

How fun!!!! Great pictures... love the fact that Joshua had the snowball ready for Abby! So sad we missed out on the snow! :(

th77hunter said...

Wish we were neighbors so we could have taken you guys out in a snowball fight!!!

Summer said...

ADORABLE pictures!! looks like you guys had a blast! and can i just point out how much i love that jay is playing in the snow in khakis and a polo sweater--and NO coat!!! made me laugh out loud!!