Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big boy bed!

Last week we decided to move Nathan into a "big boy bed!"  We have been planning on the boys sharing a room all along, and in order to get to that point, we wanted to have Nathan comfortable with sleeping in a big bed.  I really don't think I've ever seen him so proud of or excited about something.  He LOVES his bed!

He has also really surprised us because he has not gotten out of it a single time!  He doesn't want any help getting in or out of it either!! And yes, he does sleep with every single one of those animals (I've tried sneaking one at a time out, but he must take inventory at bed time, because he has busted me every time!)

one of his favorite things about his new bed is being able to invite Abby and Jacob to come sit in his bed.

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Summer said...

those pics are so precious!!! he does look so proud! that bed looks perfect for a big boy!!