Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jacob's Bird Journal

Last month Jacob's class was studying birds and he was given his first homework assignment! He was to observe birds in our yard and then draw and label them in a journal.  He thought this was the greatest thing ever and couldn't wait to get started!

 We all went outside and looked around, even took a walk around our street to look for different birds.  Then we came in and printed out some pictures so he could see some of the detail up close!
 Then he got to work!

 I think I've mentioned on here before that our youngest ADORES his big brother.  Whatever Jacob likes, Nathan likes, whatever Jacob does, Nathan does...
 he sat with him at the table and worked very hard.  I gave him an old day planner to serve as his "journal."
 Here he is with the final product!  He was most excited about taking it and showing it to his teacher!


The Baughers said...

He did an awesome job on this!! i love his drawings of the birds! what a fun project!

Jennifer Phillips said...

That's perfect homeschool material - I think you should give it a shot...:)

th77hunter said...

Wow! Did Jacob draw those birds? You might just have an artist on your hands!