Monday, December 15, 2008

A typical afternoon

our resident zookeeper- he almost always has a stuffed animal in tow, usually 2 giraffes and a puppy!

He is really into coloring lately- pay no attention to the sharpened pencil in my 16 month olds hand!! If he sees A & J doing it, he is going to try it!!

So, if you were to just pop in unannounced one afternoon, especially during the time I am preparing dinner, this is what you are likely to find... Abby dressed in a princess costume either coloring or reading. Jacob carrying around either a small broom or a horse on a stick using it as a guitar and singing imagination mover songs (although this morning it was a fast paced version of go tell it on the mountain!) and Nathan coloring on a sheet of paper taped to the floor! I think it's the everyday things that I'm most likely to forget. I love this because it is such a reflection of who they are!!


The Baugher's 3 said...

Love's so fun to see their personalities come out and I can totally picture walking into your house and finding them all doing their thing! And great idea taping the paper to the floor!

Amanda said...

Precious memories!

Summer said...

that is just sooooo sweet! and you are such a great mom and to appreciate al the little things!!!