Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 4- Princess Breakfast and Epcot

On Sunday, our last day, Abby and I went to a princess breakfast in Cinderella's Castle. It was very fancy and several of the main princesses were there. It was a thrill just to go inside the castle itself, but the breakfast was very nice and Abby enjoyed visiting with each of the princesses. Jacob was worn out by this point, and he and Jay stayed back at the hotel where Jacob slept until after 9am (and Jay still had to wake him up and drag him out of bed to meet us!!)
Princess Abby in front of the castle ( random side note for all you future disney-goers: Belle is not necessarily Abby's favorite princess, but the costume is one of the few that doesn't have a hoop in the skirt. It was very easy to take off, fold up, and shove in our bookbag, so that we didn't have to go all the way back to our room to change clothes!)
Abby meeting Cinderella (again) in the castle
Abby and Snow White

Abby and Princess Aurora ( Sleeping Beauty)

Abby and Princess Jasmine

Abby and Belle

After breakfast, we hopped on the monorail to meet Jay and Jacob at Epcot. We had not originally planned to spend any time at Epcot. Sunday we were going to spend another full day at Magic Kingdom, but we had been able to see and do everything we wanted to there, even multiple times, so we decided to go to Epcot. We all ended up being so glad we did, but Jacob especially loved several of the rides there. The Fast Track and Soarin were two of his favorite rides. They both enjoyed Fast Track so much we did it, got off and got a fast pass, and came back later to do it again. It was actually the longest line we had to wait in our whole trip, which was about 35 minutes!! Not bad for Disney World!!

Jacob at Epcot

Another favorite attraction at Epcot was the Finding Nemo ride. We did it 2x also. When you come out of the ride, you are inside a very large aquarium and we had a great time viewing the sea turtles, dolphins, sting rays, etc.
Playing in the shark's mouth

Very fun ice cream snacks, compliments of the disney dining plan (a MUST in our opinion!!)

Another one of those iconic picture spots!!
After Epcot, we went back and took another very long nap. The fast pace of the week was beginning to be evident! We headed back to Hollywood Studios that night for dinner and for the Fantasmic Show. We rode Toy Story one last time before the show. We did not enjoy Fantasmic at all. It was way too scary for our kids- there is a lot of emphasis on the villans and "bad" guys of the disney movies. Lots of darkness, scary music, fire, etc. We actually ended up leaving the show early, so it was a little bit of a disappointing end to such a fabulous trip!! Overall, we had a blast! It really was the perfect trip and we can hardly wait to do it again when Nathan is old enough to join us!!

on the plane headed home to see Nathan!!!


Summer said...

what sweet pics of abby w/ all the princesses; and how CUTE is jabob in that shirt!!! i've so enjoyed seeing all your disney pics...thanks for sharing!!!

th77hunter said...

It was so fun looking at all your Disney pictures! Trevor especially liked seeing the princess because we didn't see any of them on our time I'll know:) I would love to have your friend make us some Disney shirts next time! They were so cute!