Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disney- Day 2 Magic Kingdom

We spent our second day at Magic Kingdom! We walked into the park and hopped on the train and took it to Frontierland, got off and rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad twice!! Jacob just barely made the height requirement and we were so happy he was tall enough. It was so much fun to experience this with them-Abby laughed hysterically all the way through and rode with her arms stuck straight up in the air. Jacob on the other hand held on for dear life and giggled some, but was very serious other times. It was a good reflection of their personalities. After our fill of the roller coaster, we headed over to Adventureland where we did Pirates of the Caribbean (which Jacob cried all the way through!) We decided to do some tamer, more peaceful rides so we got on the jungle cruise. This is the one ride I remember doing as a child. Both of mine loved it!!

family waiting to get on jungle cruise

me and Abby on the jungle cruise

me and Jacob on the jungle cruise

Jay and Abby (and an elephant!) on jungle cruise

adorable baby elephant

After Adventureland we made our way back to Main Street where we caught the tail end of the Dancin' in the Streets show.

I love this pic of Abby dancing and waving!!

We went and found a spot in front of the castle for the Dream Along With Mickey Show (which was so much fun!!)

We decided to try and get a few pics of the kids with the castle in the background:
Jacob wasn't thrilled with the idea!

but, he eventually gave us a half-hearted smile!

Abby on the other-hand wanted to live in the castle and was thrilled to have proof she had been there!

Dream Along With Mickey

As we were leaving the castle, we saw Cinderella's stepmother and two stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, in the courtyard. This character encounter was mine and Jay's favorite. They were SO funny! They stayed in character the whole time (even when Abby started to cry) and were amazing at improv! They were a little loud and called a lot of attention on Abby (they told her that her hairbow was fabulous and that she really knew how to accessorize!!) She's a little like me and not a huge fan of being the center of attention, so we quickly made our exit, but please- check out these pics! They crack me up!

she wouldn't take a picture alone with them, so mommy jumped in!!

We headed over to the Tomorrowland Speedway!
I call this one driving with Cruella Deville!

Jacob could barely see over the steering wheel but he was thrilled to be able to drive!!

These next pictures are such a reminder of the Lord's sweetness and provision. This was such an unexpected blessing that Abby still talks about. We were headed down main street when a lady from Disney came over to Abby and after chatting with her for a few minutes asked her if she would like a special treat! Abby of course said yes and we followed this kind lady inside a building to this room in the back where Cinderella was waiting. Abby got to go in and visit with her, uninterrupted, and without waiting! It was such a sweet treat!

Abby quickly told Cinderella about how unkind the stepmother and stepsisters had been!! (picture me and jay giggling in the background!)

Cinderella tried to interact with Jacob, but he wasn't too sure!

How big is that grin on her face?

the family with Cinderella!

Jacob being goofy in one of the shops!

After perusing a few shops we got a frozen lemonade and staked our spots for the the 3 o'clock parade. ( A and J both enjoyed the shows and parades way more than I ever expected)

This is A jumping rope while we waited...
she loved the parade!

That night we had reservations at Crystal Palace for dinner- this is where we saw all the 100 acre friends!
Abby, Jacob, and Tigger

visiting with Pooh

solemn ole' Eeyore

sweet little piglet

Piglet getting all kinds of Jacob love!!

Dancing in the "parade" with Tigger! (we couldn't believe Jacob got up and did it)

On our way out we saw Chip-n-Dale and both kids wanted to wait to see them. Jay and I were shocked that they even knew who Chip and Dale were!!

As we told Chip-n-Dale goodbye, Pluto came out, so we got to see him too!
After an early dinner we headed back to swim for a short while and then get some much needed rest for our next day!
It was a very fun and magical day!!


th77hunter said...

What a great day! It makes me want to go back already!

Allison said...

me too! we have friends there right now and i was struggling with jealousy and we just got back!!

Summer said...

where do i even start???? cutest. pictures.ever. go ahead and make a trip to hobby lobby and stock up on some frames...i mean the pooh characters, cinderella...i can't even handle it!!!