Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas morning

After reading the Christmas story upstairs in our bed, we always head down and first thing we put baby Jesus in the manger at our nativity and sing happy birthday. It is amazing how excited our kids get about this year after year. And it is precious to watch them. Blowing out the candles on our "birthday cake" This year we were headed to Mimi and Gramps later on Christmas Day so we didn't make the traditional cake. Instead, I made monkey bread, and we ate it for breakfast AND used it as our cake!

Abby's new bike! She was VERY SURPRISED and excited to receive this!
Abby's silly bands- we could have just given her these and she would have been THRILLED! This is her first package of them and she is most excited!

Nathan and his train table (he's still trying to figure all of this out!)

Jacob on his new plasma car (we don't require the safety goggles, he just takes after his father!)

playing legos!
Hope you had a Merry Christmas! More to come from our trips to Mimi and Gramps' and to Nana and Pappa's!


Summer said...

so fun!! those lego creations look pretty impressive!

th77hunter said...

sweet pics of Christmas morning...I wish our baby Jesus came out of the bed like yours! That's a great tradition.