Sunday, March 21, 2010

The kids and I spent part of Spring Break in Diamondhead with my parents.  We had all kinds of adventures together!  It was so warm and pretty there!!  One of our favorite things we did was spend the morning at the Lynn Meadows Children's Discovery Center.  If you're ever in Gulfport/Biloxi, I highly recommend it! 

here's Miss A dressed up serving tacos in the Mexican Cantina


They had a train station, complete with coal for the boys to shovel and a tea train for the girls to serve tea!

there was also a precious harbor area with a boat and crane and loading stations for bringing in the shrimp and lobster, fresh from the gulf!!
upstairs there was a market for them to shop and "buy" groceries.  Here's Jacob checking out the seafood department.

Jacob also learned how to shine shoes and to use a weather map!

Nathan did some rowing

and played on the random gorilla outside!!
there was a super fun climbing exhibit that went from the first floor all the way upstairs!

we did some painting in the art room...

we also played outside for a little while- they had some really fun tree houses and log cabins!

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Summer said...

how fun is that?!?! so jealous!!! glad you guys had such a good visit...