Friday, May 21, 2010


This past Sunday we moved Jacob out of the room he shared with Abby and into "the boys' room!"  He and Nathan now share a room and Abby has her own room.  When we first mentioned it to her, she was so excited about having her own room.  As the day progressed she got a little sullen, and eventually ended up in tears.  She said that she was really going to miss Jacob and who would she talk to at night?  It was very heartwarming to see how much she loves him!  She and Jay spent a while rearranging her furniture and in the end she was thrilled and did perfectly that night!  Fast forward to Monday night.  The boys were in the shower and Jay went to get their pj's and found Abby in the hall with her sleeping bag.  She said she was lonely and so she was going to sleep on the floor in the boys' room.  Jay offered to let her stay up for an Uno match and that seemed to dissipate the sadness... temporarily!  Tuesday night she sobbed for about 15 minutes and actually said, " I'm the only one in our whole family who doesn't have anyone to share a room with and I'm SOO lonely!"  Wednesday night we made it without any tears.  Thursday night was a little better too!  Tonight (Friday) holds the promise of a sleepover in the boys' room if she wants to!  I'll keep you posted on how she does!

As she gets older I don't want to forget how sad she was about losing her sleeping buddy- I know the sentiment for sharing a room won't last forever!
As for the boys- they have adjusted just fine.  Nathan is beyond thrilled to have someone to talk to at night and Jacob has done great with his new roommate!


Summer said...

have you noticed that every "big" transition in your house lately has been going very smoothly??? i don't know if you realize this is not normal..wonderkids, i tell ya...

The Baughers said...

oh sweet Abby!!! hope tonight goes well!

th77hunter said...

Ok, I'm about to cry...that is just precious!
I love the dollywood pics. Makes me want to go back
minus the ferris wheel:)