Saturday, May 29, 2010

A very thoughtful friend sent us these pictures of Jacob.  They are from his last soccer game.  This friend was standing behind the goal taking some shots of his son and was kind enough to take these of Jacob.  He got some great shots!

Here he is getting  the ball...

 a little pushing and shoving, he keeps on going...

breaking free...

I love the action in these shots- look at the little boy grabbing Jacob's jersey!

Go Jacob, go!!

shooting the ball!


High five from the coach!  Makes a four year old boy's day!

Run, Jacob, run!!

shoots again..

thanks again for the pictures- we really are so glad to have them!

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Summer said...

so glad you like them!! i'll have to tell michael his pics were blogworthy :) my favorite part about them is seeing the movement in jacob's hair! such a cutie!!