Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Fun!!

Here is just a tiny glimpse of what we've been doing this summer.  I love this time with my kids and am sad that it is going by so quickly!!
We went to pick peaches and also went to the orchard where they grow blueberries and black berries! We couldn't pick the berries because of an upcoming festival, but I may take them back one day. 

This kitty was the highlight of the day! 
we spent a week in Pensacola- made it down before the oil hit
one night after dinner we stopped to play on the beach

he LOVED standing on the balcony watching the boats and beautiful sunsets!
one morning we woke up to this- it was one of the most beautiful and amazing things I've ever seen. 
The view from the condo includes the bay/sound on the right and the gulf on the left.  The ends of the rainbow were in both and it looked so close.
This is Mr. Big Stuff's new bike ( I think he looks so tiny on it, especially with that helmet!)

bowling to celebrate good character and wise decisions throughout the school year.
I love Jacob's little happy dance!!

hope you are enjoying your summer...


BKicklighter said...

Okay - the picture of you guys on the beach is fabulous!!! Christmas card????? I would love to hear more about celebrating character and good choices. Is this something you discuss specifically throughout the year? Teach me - you're a great mom!!!

Summer said...

LOVE the pic of N w/ the binoculars and underwear. LOVE the rainbow--so amazing! LOVE the family pic--perfection!!

The Baughers said...

Great pictures!! Love that ya'll picked peaches...we tried twice to go blueberry picking, but alas, it never happened. :( Also, I'd love to hear more about celebrating character and good choices as well... any ideas/thoughts with A starting school this year would be greatly appreciated! :) Glad ya'll are having a fun summer!

th77hunter said...

Great pictures Al! Just love your sweet family!!!