Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beef O Brady's

In August, we headed over to Meridian to celebrate the grand opening of my little brother's restaraunt.  He and his wife just opened a franchise of Beef O Brady's.  The whole fam came out for this one, because it is a super huge big deal to be 30 and open your own restaraunt (can't say that I've ever done that!!)

Outside the store

Everyone was so excited to see each other- we had to have a BIG hug!

you'll notice that everyone appears to be looking in different directions, that's because there is something like 297 tvs in this place- it is amazing (maybe not 297, but close!)

Jason with our grandparents, Mamma and Pappa (they came all the way from Knoxville for a free meal!)

Jason with Mom and Dad! 

Mamma with two of her great grandaughters

Valerie (my precious sister in law) and JonWesley her 4 year old son!

Abby and Kayla

Can you even handle how cute and happy these kiddos are!
Nathan (3) Jacob (5) Jon Wesley (4) Abby (7) Kayla (6)

We are so excited that they are only 2 hours away now!!  More cousin time!

After a very fun and yummy dinner we went back to the hotel.  This was the first time that my kids can remember staying in a hotel (other than Disney and that's different) and they were GIDDY!  If you need some cheap entertainment, priceline yourself a room at a place with an indoor pool and free continental breakfast... they thought they were BIG stuff!
Sunday morning we all headed over to Jason and Val's for some family time and lunch!   It was a lot of fun and we could not be more proud of them!

Here we all are!  This one include baby Peyton!  Jason and Val's one year old daughter!

I just have to show you this one.  We took several of these and of course someone's eyes were closed in each one except this last one, but please look at my little Nathan!
if you know him that couldn't be more fitting could it?!!


Summer said...

what GREAT pictures of all the cousins together--you can tell they love each other! i know that made your bro feel really special!!

The Baughers said...

LOVE the family shot! that's so great that he opened his own restaurant!