Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Backyard Birthday Fun!!

We did a combined birthday party for the boys this year in our backyard water park!

some of our very favorite people came to help us celebrate!

Jacob went for a sports theme and Nathan went for Monster trucks!  Their cakes fit their personalities to a t!

we had pizza

and lots of fun playing in the pools/slides

speaking of personalities- these two shots capture them again.  Jacob was embarrassed by all the attention and became very shy.  Nathan tried to kill a little boy who got too close for comfort!

Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you!!


Summer said...

so cute!! those cakes are amazing!! such adorable boys!!! fancy posting too!

BKicklighter said...

Cute background.
Precious cakes - did you do them. . or mom?
Love the family photo. That's two in two months. Hmmm.

th77hunter said...

I was wondering where these pictures were...I so wish we could have been there to help them both celebrate! Looks like everyone had fun:)

The Baughers said...

I've been wondering too! You got some great shots...I especially love the ones of Nathan-he cracks me up! :) And as always, Mimi did an awesome job on the cakes!