Sunday, August 8, 2010


We headed off with Jay's parents for a super fun weekend in Atlanta.
Friday night we went to the kids' first Braves game.

one of the biggest treats of the whole night, besides the hot dogs, french fries, and dippin dots of course, was Uncle Shaun coming!  The kids we were thrilled to see him!

thankfully, he's a really good sport when it comes to being pinched and poked by a certain two year old!

Jacob was so excited to get to go.  I don't think he really had any concept of what to expect, he just knows he LOVES him some baseball!  Needless to say, he was not disappointed.

Uncle Shaun treated the kids to baseball caps and tomahawks!

Saturday morning we got up and headed back to Northpointe Mall.  Abby and Mimi wanted some time together at the American Girl store to look around.  The boys rode the train and carousel, and found some cool lawn mowers at Sears!  After a quick lunch in the food court, we headed out to our next stop...
The Georgia Aquarium!!
It really is a beautiful place with a lot of fun and exciting things to see.

apparently on Saturdays, there are TONS of people who want to see the whales and sharks!
It was extremely crowded (if you ever go buy your tickets online beforehand- the wait for tickets was over an hour long!)  But the kids really enjoyed seeing all the animals (and Uncle Shaun again!)
this fish swam over for a kiss!

Thank you Mimi and Gramps!  We had a great time!!

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The Baughers said...

oh how fun!! okay, Jacob looks like he's in heaven at the baseball game-too cute!