Friday, August 6, 2010

Abby's Seven! (on July 16!!)

It is truly amazing how much difference a year can make.. Just look at my sweet little girl on the beach last summer...

and now...
( I like to call this one seven and sassy!)

now don't get me wrong... she is still precious.  In many ways, even more precious than the year before.  She is thoughtful and helpful, and for the most part, very encouraging to her brothers.  She is so very social, loves her friends, her daddy, and loves loves loves to read.  The Boxcar Children and American Girl books are her favorites right now.
 But she is definitely growing up- she's not into princesses any more and for so many years, those were her favorites.  It is a pretty big rite of passage in a little girl's life to outgrow the disney princessess.. sniff, sniff.  In the past 2 weeks she has lost both of her front teeth, and she has the longest legs I have ever seen!!  I think because she is my first and only girl, I mourn some of her growing up differently because I know I won't see it again.  Anyway, we had a great time celebrating her on her actual birthday.  You'll remember (you massive number of readers!) that we went with her friends to American Girl in Atlanta back in May and that was really her birthday celebration and she also received her doll that day too.  But on her birthday, we did invite a few of our friends to the park to have cupcakes and play.

this tree is a kid-magnet!

The boys played pirates most of the time. 
I asked them to give me their best salty ole' pirate faces...

Happy Birthday, Abby, our little princess forever!!

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The Baughers said...

sweet Abby!! I love the sassy picture!!