Friday, August 6, 2010

Super Saturday Scavenger Hunt

Several Saturdays ago we were looking for something different to do and my super fun and creative husband came up with a scavenger hunt for the kids.  He gave them verbal clues (since Abby is the only reader we didn't want her to be the only one who would have a chance to figure them out) and they had to tell him where to drive.  All of these are places the kids have been before, but several places it had been a really long time so some of them were not easy!  Needless to say, they had a BLAST!!

Clue #1 took us to the foot bridge at Jemison Park
they really enjoyed trying to hop all the way across without falling in.

clue #2 took us to Samford
This is one of the only clues I remember and it was "sipping slurpees with Mr. Beeson"
They quickly figured the icee part out, but Mr. Beeson took a while!
We spent some time just walking around the campus and can I just say that it makes me a little nostalgic to go back there.  I LOVED college and it is strange to be there, but not belong...

Our third stop was Ed's Pet World (for those of you who are unfamiliar, it's an exotic pet store where several of the creatures just roam freely...)
That place gives me the heeby-jeebies.  I took a pic right before we went in to document that we went there, but once inside I paid close attention to where I was walking and what my children were touching.
Lucky for them they got to see a snake catch and eat a mouse and several other yucky sights!

Stop number 4 was Salsaritas.  It is a yummy and family friendly Mexican place (that we happen to have great coupons to) but it is just not convenient to us, so we rarely eat there.

Last stop (and probably the kids' favorite) was to the zoo to feed the lorikeets.  I deprive my children when I take them by myself because I am not a fan of having those birds land on me and when I have all 3 by myself it is a little hard to manage. Lucky for them, their daddy loves to feed the birds and have them crawl all over him, so off we went!

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