Monday, November 29, 2010

Oak Mountain

Several Saturdays ago we headed out to spend a day at Oak Mountain.
Our favorite five year old was off spending a long weekend with his Mimi and Gramps, so
we loaded up the others and their bikes, a picnic and took off!

1st stop- the petting zoo
This friendly goat was there to greet us as we came in the gate!
 there were lots of animals to pet
 and even a few to feed!  These horses licked our hands and nuzzled up to us
 and this little girl would have stayed with them all day if we could have!

on our way out we even found this HUGE tractor (somebody's favorite part of the day!)

Next we headed over to our favorite picnic and bike riding spot near the lake
(abby practiced her moonwalk and breakdancing down by the lake!)

 it was so beautiful
 the perfect day for a little bike ride!!
 After a picnic and lots of exploring we headed up to hike down to Peavine Falls

 run, run as fast as you can...

he found the world's largest walking stick...

 and got a little help along the way!

The only way this day could have been any better would have been having our Jacoby-Jacob there to enjoy it with us.  Something tells me that we missed him way more than he missed us though!

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Summer said...

WHERE is the video of the moonwalking?? tell abby i'll be her dance partner any day :) you got some precious pics!!