Monday, December 27, 2010


We went to Knoxville to be with my grandparents for Thanksgiving!  We had amazing weather and it was a great chance for the kids to play outside.

We were even able to do some yard work and help my grandparents out a little!

 This boy is a hard worker and loves to be outside with his daddy!

Mamma and Pappa have a riding mower, which is a fun toy for these boys!

As always, she was content to read and snuggle with Pappa and keep him company!

I was busy helping Mamma inside preparing dinner and hardly took any pictures! Not sure why Nathan didn't make any of the pictures, but he was there- I promise!

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Summer said...

what wonderful memories and great pics! i know you were such a blessing to them--the pic of abby and your g'father is SO precious!!