Monday, January 17, 2011

December Fun!

We had a very full and exciting December!  One of the highlights was having some of the girls from Abby's class over for a b'day party for Jesus.  It was so much fun to be around them and have them in our home and especially to get to share the story of Jesus with them.  We did a couple of crafts and ate pizza and cupcakes!
 We got to spend lots of extra time with this little pumpkin while her mommy and daddy were moving their stuff and cleaning their house!
 We had some of the crafts left over from the party so one of their first mornings out of school Abby and I did them with the boys!

 These were the salvation bookmarks we did at the party with Abby's friends.  They are similar to the bracelets but waaaay more involved and time consuming! 
 Of course we made our annual batch of Christmas cookies and this year daddy got to be in on the fun!

 Nathan was in charge of sprinkles while Abby and Jacob put the icing on.  He was very good at loading those cookies up!!  Maybe a little too good!
 On Christmas day Mimi and Gramps, and Uncle Shaun came to our house and we all celebrated Christmas together.  It was so much fun for the kids to hang out with Uncle Shaun!
 Mimi and Gramps surprised Jacob (and Jacob's mommy and daddy!) with a new drum set.  It quickly became his favorite gift!
 building legos with Daddy on Christmas morning!
 Nathan's new big boy bike!
 Abby's new globe.  She had been asking for one and was super excited to get it! (this might be proof that being a nerd is in our genes!)
 It was Nathan's turn to put baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas morning!  Still my favorite part of the morning.

We saw my family the next weekend.  Pics of that to come!!


Patty Sisk said...

Loved these pictures of your sweet family...especially the one of Abby with her new globe. Have Summer tell you about the globe game she used to love to play.

The Baughers said...

These are great! So fun to have Abby's class over-the bookmarks look beautiful, even if they were time consuming!

Summer said...

don't know how i missed this guys had such a fun december! love the pic of you with the kids making cookies. love these sweet kids!!!