Thursday, July 21, 2011

Multicultural Program & Cinco de Mayo

In May the second graders at Abby's school put on a multi-cultural program!  It was so well done.  Each of the four second grade classes represented a different country- Africa, Mexico, China, and the United States.  They learned songs and dances that represented their Country and wore a hat if appropriate.

Here are all the second graders singing a welcome song
 Abby's class represented China- here she is singing
 the girls from Abby's class learned a dance and performed it!  Very cute!!  She also learned the Virginia Reel and the Mexican hat dance!

I have seen SO many cute ideas from blogs about praying for and learning about other countries
so we decided to have a Cinco de Mayo party!  I got cute decorations from the Dollar Tree and borrowed the sombreros from a friend.
 EVERYONE wore a sombrero- which was so funny!

 we ate Mexican food (with cheese dip of course!) 

after dinner we prayed for the country of Mexico (i looked up some specifics from Operation World) and then Abby taught us the Mexican Hat Dance which we all did (or attempted) together!
It was one of my favorite nights together!


The Baughers said...

Love this!! I wish I could have seen Abby do her Chinese dance! And we're going to have to try this for cinco de mayo next year-hopefully i remember! I've seen this on another blog too and I think it's an awesome idea! Love the pics in the sombreros!

Jennifer Phillips said...

So cute! I'm just wondering what was in Nathan's cup...