Friday, October 22, 2010

Meet Colby

This is Colby... our family's new labradoodle puppy!
Colby is also our latest lesson in how God sometimes gives us what we want as well as what we need.

 Coming home from the HUMANE SOCIETY.  Yes, you read that correctly, we found this puppy at the humane society.  Our first choice in a type of puppy, but the one we thought we would never be able to afford.  Labradoodles are known for being great with children and also a great dog for allery sufferers.

Colby is also the fulfillment of a promise that Jay made to our sweet little girl about 3 years ago.  A promise that he foolishly thought she would forget!!  (she does have red streaks in her hair-we had just gotten home from the fall festival!)
 Colby is a great reason to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we have been having!
 Colby loves to play fetch with balls, so he and Jacob have hit it off really well.!
 Playing together in the kitchen!
 Colby is also a good teaching tool.  We call this lesson- responsibility!!

We had been researching and exploring different dogs and stopped by the Humane Society to talk with them and get their opinion on dogs with children and allergies.  Guess who had just come available for adoption that very morning!  We were not at all expecting to find a dog.  He's 5 months old, already housetrained, and pretty much crate trained as far as sleeping throught the night.  He is more than we could have asked for or imagined.  October just happens to be the month that the HS waives all their adoption fees so all they asked was that we make a donation.  We also purchased our supplies for him from them.

I guess the best summary of Colby is that he is a gift!

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Summer said...

i just love how the Lord blessed you all with Colby! this is such a wonderful story of His provision!