Sunday, July 13, 2008

birthday celebration, part 1

For those of you who may not know, A and J have birthdays 4 days apart in July. J is July 12 and A is July 16. We call this birthday madness at the Byrd house!! I will admit that it takes quite a bit of momentum to carry the excitement through and have her day as fun and special as his day. But, all that to say, here are some photos of his birthday night. He chose "the choo-choo train" restaurant (to those of you in B'ham, that would be Richards!) His top three reasons for choosing that 1.) mac-n-cheese 2.) salad 3.) the choo choo train!the family
the salad!
his meal- they brought him an entire plate of cucumbers- the child LOVES them- he ate all but 3 of them!
his batman big wheel ( summer, jennifer, and mom, you were RIGHT!!)
what better ending than a cupcake from Edgars? (the cake was coming the next day for the party. more on that soon!)

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lauren said...

i can't believe he eats salad!