Friday, July 11, 2008

Roller Coasters and funnel cakes...

None other than Dollywood, in Gatlinburg, TN. When we were visiting my precious grandparents the first of June, we also spent a day at Dollywood. I grew up going here with my grandparents and it was a little nostalgic to go back with my 3 children. We had a fabulous time and I learned something about my daughter... She loves rides and roller coasters. I was a little surprised because we have spent the last year in what my mom calls the "fearful fours!" But, she hopped right on the adult swings (after gently consoling Jay that she didn't want to ride in a double swing with him) she did another version of the swings that rises to 70ft. off the ground with me (we were in a seat together and she wouldn't hold my hand!) and she and j even tackled the Bob and Larry roller coaster w/ their arms raised high! This gave me a glimpse into our future of amusment and water parks and oh what fun it will be (especially when I'm not sporting a baby bjorn and nursing in the toilet stalls!!) Thanks again, Mamma and Pappa. We had a blast!
In front of the locomotive, Cinderella. Our first real train ride! Holding the scooby dogs that a sweet couple won and then gave to A and J as we were walking by.
front seat on the roller coaster!
This was pure love for A to get on this bumble bee- it circled at a snail's pace and had none of the thrills of her other rides, but J really wanted her to ride with him!!

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