Monday, July 28, 2008

Pensacola Beach

My parents recently bought a place in Pensacola and we spent our first week there this summer. We had a great time. It is unique in that one side is the bay and the other side is the gulf- we had the best of both worlds! Below are some of our favorite pictures.she loves to hunt seashells- in fact she still has a bucket of them in our garage and she and J ride their bikes to the seashell store!
watching the boats in the bay (yes, he is licking the glass!)
eating spaghetti- this is his only picture b/c he got a fever virus the 2nd day and had to stay in the rest of the trip!
the HUGE hole they dug w/ daddy
hermit crabs from the bay
playing at the beach
isn't this sweet? my fave of all!
sunset from our balcony


Amanda said...

Sounds like fun! Hope you were able to enjoy it since N was sick.

th77hunter said...

It looks like A and J love the's sweet to see them playing together.

Summer said...

that pic of jay and jacob may be sweet and all, but my fav has to be the one w/ jacob licking the glass...just like something my precious angels would do!