Saturday, July 19, 2008

birthday celebration, part 2

I have to start by saying that I was a terrible mother b/c I forgot my camera on 2 of her birthday adventures and the photo opportunities were priceless. Nonetheless, she had a GREAT birthday! She woke up to blueberry muffins and then she dictated our morning agenda- coloring, painting toenails, reading, and swinging were her activities of choice. After lunch, we went to Serendipity Sweets (new candy store by Cafe Iz for you locals) and she, J, and her friend each got to pick out a treat. Then because it was her birthday, they let her pick out an extra treat! She was thrilled. We then skipped rest time (a VERY rare occurence at our house) and went to the library to see Roger Day. He is a wonderful children's musician. Some of her favorites are "It's a no, no to kiss a rhino ," "mosquito burrito," "open up a coconut," and "monster face." (As a side note, he's on itunes!) Anyway, she got to sit with him after the show and he talked to her and then sang happy birthday to her (can't you just visualize the picture... I'm still not over it) Below is the parts of the day I did capture on camera. she had just rolled out of bed when the phone calls began. This is Virginia, Ms. Leigh, and JD singing "happy birthday!"
Daddy's girl at California Pizza Kitchen
b'day song and treat (our waitress is kneeling beside her singing to her!)
birthday present!
All dressed up in b'day outfits! This is from the night of the party as they opened presents they began wearing some of them!!


jessica said...

what a fun birthday! i love the bride and batman picture. Too cute!

Summer said...

SO impressed w/ your b'day posts...I'd say you're a pretty good mommy! She is just a lovely little the one of her talking on the phone!